Monday, June 29, 2009

Watch Your Language, Dammit!

So I went to pick up my youngest son, Cameron, who is 9 weeks old. I left his older brother, Dominic, the two-year-old, playing video games. Well, Dominic wasn't really plating, just pushing the buttons and trying to make the game, Crash Bandicoot, work. I brought the baby into the room where Dominic was playing. He looked up from the game and saw Cameron in my arms and said, "Dammit. I wanted to play this game."

Can't fault him there. He used it correctly. Guess I better watch my language. Cameron was shocked at such salty language. I told him it wasn't like that was the first time he had heard such bad words.

Brian, my husband, and I were trying to get the kids in the car during an incredible rain storm. Brian managed to throw Dominic in and then jump in the car himself while I'm standing in the pouring rain trying to hook up Cameron's car seat. It was so cold and so miserable that I apparently let the "F" word fly. I jumped in the car and looked at Brian. He was staring at me with a smirk on his face. He says, "Well, Dominic just used the "F" word." My jaw dropped, I whipped around to look at Dominic, and said in all sincerity, "Where did he learn that?"

Incredulity was probably the look on Brian's face. He says, "You just said it!" Then he cracked up. Guess all those years in a newsroom are paying off for my child's language development.