Sunday, June 22, 2008

Please Give Your Kid A Cookie!

USA Today says cookies have fallen off the top of the childhood snack list. Moms are bumping them for nutrition. According to the article:
Fruit is the most common snack for children under 6, and cookies are second. In 1987, cookies ruled and fruit ranked second, according to findings from the NPD Group, a market research firm.
Two things are at work here. One, moms are probably lying to the marketing team as there is too much peer pressure in today's mothering circles to admit that yes, (gasp!) you give your child cookies. And by cookies I mean chocolate. Two, moms are too uptight today to give their kids cookies or chocolate. What happened to letting kids be kids? I understand that there is an obesity epidemic, but you've got to chalk up most of that to the kids' life styles and not just their diets. Isn't the non-stop availability of television and video games more likely to blame? Of course, you've got to let the kids watch TV. Don't go all communist ban on them.

It is a delicate balance that moms have to reach, but one that is easy if you just don't over think it. Did your kid get a cookie today? Good for him. Now shoo him out the door and let him explore outside for awhile. Keep it simple. Kids can eat their cookies and enjoy it, too.